Work & Personal Development for Women, 4 Workshops over 3 Months Practical Training


Springboard is for women who want to take control, become more assertive, increase their confidence & build themselves a more positive attitude in both their work and home lives.

The programme gives you the time to reflect, share and most importantly, set achievable goals for now and the future. Working across 48 countries, we take like-minded individuals on a transformational journey, as well as positively helping organisations change and reshape.

Staff and employers alike affirm to the programme’s success. Individuals speak of a new sense of purpose, an open approach to change and a more positive attitude. Employers report being delighted with the changes to their staff, who show a more focused and positive outlook, offering solutions rather than problems as well as increased motivation. Springboard helps organisations tackle the gender pay gap and work on the key issues of diversity and inclusion.

Who should attend

The Individual:
The Springboard Women’s Development Programme is designed for women from all backgrounds, ages and stages of their lives. Although the programme was initially written and developed for women in non-management grades, women from all levels, including management, have participated in the programme to the benefit of their personal and career development.

The Employer:
For employers, the Springboard programme enables them to develop staff to their fullest potential, is quick and easy to implement and is often a key component in any Diversity and/or gender initiatives. For even greater impact, run the Springboard and Navigator (the men’s equivalent) programmes in parallel.

Why women only

As with other minority groups (such as gender, age, religion, faith race, disability and sexuality), women have many issues in common. They get a huge boost by discovering they are ‘not the only one’.

The programme deals with sensitive issues, being women-only this makes it easier to talk about issues in a safe environment.

Mainstream programmes do not address specific issues for women – this does.

Springboard gives your organisation an EO/Diversity boost to be doing something for women, in tune with gender equality legislation.

Results After the Programme

The results relate to the individual aims and objectives that each woman sets herself on the first workshop. Many women use the programme for career development, to get results at work, such as new qualifications, promotions, new skills, a new attitude to change and a massive boost in confidence.

Other women focus on results in their personal life, such as sorting out difficult relationships, improving health, dealing with stress and gaining a work/life balance.

Some women improve their career development after attending the Springboard Women’s Development Programme, whilst others stay in the same job but with a new sense of purpose and a more positive attitude.

The managers of participants on the Springboard Development Programme are delighted with the changes in their staff. They say participants become more focussed, with better communication skills, clearer career goals, and a positive attitude to confidently solving problems on their own.

We have an abundance of evaluation evidence, gathered from a wealth of organisations over many years. Here is just a flavour of the fantastic results you can expect.

More open to change

Positive attitude

Increased confidence/self-esteem

Taken on more responsibility

Better at problem-solving

About the Programme

Delivered over the duration of three months, it consists of five simple yet powerful ingredients:
The programme is split into 4 Practical workshops:
Workshop 1
Be the Authentic You

    We start by thinking about who you are, without impositions from outside, what differences gender makes and what that means for others. Here we encourage the formation of coaching partnerships and networking within the group which gives inspiration and positivity.

    Participants will:

  • Discover what they have to offer, understand themselves and what is important to them
  • Assess the influence that their gender has had and will have on others
  • Gain inspiration and positivity from others within the group and their role as a woman
  • Be inspired by a Guest Speaker
  • Form coaching partnerships
  • Understand how the Springboard workbook allows participants to support their development throughout the programme
Workshop 2
Taking Control

    We begin by exploring how we can practically take more control and how we can be affected by change. We start to uncover our core values and beliefs and how these are key in effective goal setting and decision making.

    Participants will:

  • Assess where they currently are and where they want to be
  • Understand their core values and beliefs
  • Build self-awareness
  • Understand how to take more control over their lives
  • Share strategies for moving forward and managing change in their lives
  • Be inspired by a Guest Speaker
  • Establish ways of managing thoughts, feelings & behaviours
  • Practise relaxation techniques
  • Understand powerful and practical approaches to goal setting
Workshop 3

    We start to look at the importance of building self-esteem by valuing individual achievements. The power of body language and ways to become more assertive with practicable exercises.

    Participants will:

  • Identify and celebrate successes achieved since the start of the programme
  • Build their self-esteem by learning to recognise and value personal achievements
  • Understand the spectrum of behaviour and focus on the practical key ingredients for effective assertive communication
  • Practise using the assertiveness ingredients
  • Gain support for their goals
  • Be inspired by a Guest speaker
  • Recognise the importance of listening in the practice of assertiveness
  • Understand the use of body language and space to increase their communication and inner confidence
Workshop 4
The Future

    This final workshop focuses on how the learning can be implemented for the future, effective communications, presenting yourself positively and developing your personal brand.

    Participants will:

  • Review their progress, share achievements and present their successes in groups to the rest of the participants
  • Gain practical ideas and support to take the next steps
  • Feel empowered and confident to take positive steps forward!
  • Explore the importance of Personal brand and develop the aspirations for the type of image to project for success (for you!)
  • Learn ways to network more effectively and explore how external networks can help to maximise their reach
  • Take personal ownership of their image and reputation
  • Be inspired by a Guest speaker
  • Learn techniques to demonstrate putting themselves across positively
  • Realistic plans for achieving their goals

See What Others Have to Say...

"The Springboard course was fantastically useful for me; I would certainly recommend for any woman that aspires to be their best selves."
Shelley Heckman, Deputy Director, iNetwork

"Amazing. Loved it!! Life-changing and the kick up the rear that we could all do with. I feel more confident in my management and leadership skills. I have the drive and motivation to set and reach achievable goals and to aim higher. The Springboard programme gives you tools to put you on the track, stay there and move forward with every aspect of your life. I am excited to see what the future holds! Thank you!"
Charlotte Fitzgerald, Watch Manager, London Fire Brigade

"Thoroughly enjoyed this course. I feel very thrilled and blessed to have been given the opportunity to attend this course. The ladies are brilliant. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
Shannon Mynhardt, Administration Manager, SHARP UK

Certification & CPD

Once you have completed the programme you will be presented with a certificate of attendance. Upon completing a short feedback form via on online link attendees can earn a total of 28 CPD hours.

Where and when

This can be delivered at your venue at times and dates to suit your organisational or in-house.